The Finance Department is responsible for supervision and control of provincial finances, preparation of provincial budget, formulation of Financial Rules and Civil Services Rules relating to pay, perquisite and pension of civil servants, management of public debt and administration of affiliated organizations i.e. Local Fund Audit Department and Inspectorate of Treasuries and Accounts. Administrative Departments are required to consult the Finance Department in all matters which affect the finances of the province directly or indirectly. All important functions of the Finance Department, including budgeting, are performed at the Secretariat.


The major functions of the department are mentioned below:

  • Management of public funds
  • Framing of financial rules for guidance of departments
  • Supervision of accounts of provincial departments
  • Framing of Civil Service Rules applicable to all government servants and interpretations thereof
  • Floatation and administration of provincial loans
  • Examination and advice on matters affecting finances of the province directly or indirectly
  • Administration of emoluments, pensions and allowances
  • Administration of public revenue
  • Communication of financial sanctions
  • Examination of all proposals for the increase or reduction of taxation
  • Audit matters of provincial receipts and expenditure