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May 06, 2019
Chief Minister's Complaint Center 0800-02345
Apr 10, 2019
صوبائی وزیر خزانہ مخدوم ہاشم جواں بخت کی ہنگرین سفیراستوان زیبو Istvan Szaboسے ملاقات
Apr 05, 2019
صوبائی وزیر خزانہ مخدوم ہاشم جواں بخت کی ترکی کے وفد سے ملاقات
Jul 28, 2019
No.FD(W&M)7-8/2019 Mr. Muhammmad Abdullah Khan Sumbal, Secretary Finance as Director, the Bank of Punjab
Jul 10, 2019
Notification Provincial Assembly of the Punjab June 28, 2019
Jul 04, 2019
Notification No.FD(FR)II-5/82 Approval for Ring-Fencing of Development Funds of three Division of South Punjab
Our Divisions
This Division is responsible for formulating fiscal debt, and tax policies, preparing of provincial budget and controlling expenditure through treasury.
This division is responsible for overall expenditure management including development financing and to oversee affairs of public sector companies.
PFM Reforms Strategy
PFM Reform Strategy serves as a platform for coordinated PFM reform effort. The strategy aims at enhancing fiscal space, reducing transaction costs, maximizing returns on public spending...
Citizen Budget
Simplified the process for the grant of pension, as well as its monthly disbursements.