Pension Reforms

Pension Processes/Payments Simplified

Government of the Punjab, as one of its reform initiatives, has simplified the process for the grant of pension, as well as its monthly disbursements through computerized pension-roll crediting directly to the respective bank account.

The new procedure, effective from January 01, 2013, entails a one page sanction orders to be issued by the Pension Sanctioning Authority, replacing the age old voluminous paper work. The new system is friendly and approaches the retiring civil servant instead of the retiree running after his/her case.

Using innovative IT based solutions, the pensioners would be spared the agony of visiting the treasury officer for personal appearance, beside submission of vouchers for withdrawal of monthly pension. The pension shall be paid automatically into the bank account of the pensioner ever month in any bank branch of his/her choice, and can be accessed through ATM/Debit Cards.

This revolutionary step of Government of the Punjab is transparent and risk-free, and would ameliorate the difficulties of the pensioners forging a seamless transition of retiring a civil servant from pay-roll to pension-roll. It adds another milestone to the visionary leadership of the Chief Minister, Punjab.

The simplified procedure for pensioners, instructions and forms are given below: 


Pensioner Forms