Minister's Message

This year’s Citizens’ Budget is in line with PTI’s resolve to ensure transparency and accountability in government functioning starting from the budget making process to ultimate service delivery. The Citizens’ Budget provides a glimpse to the future as it details major projects, initiatives and policies of the provincial government in a concise manner.

Considering the economic and financial challenges inherited from our predecessor, this year’s budget is essentially a corrective budget in nature. It reflects our commitment to regional equalization and ensuring delivery of quality services across the province. We are realigning our priorities by making human development central to the budget making exercise.

This year’s Citizens’ Budget also provides information on initiatives planned under 'PTI's 100 Days Agenda'. Government is positive that accelerated economic growth can be achieved with effective planning and better governance. I appreciate the efforts of Secretary Finance and his team who worked tirelessly for formulation of the provincial budget, especially the Citizens’ Budget. Their efforts have made it possible to present complex budgetary information in an easy to understand manner.

Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bakht
Minister for Finance, Punjab